Business Automation

Starting from 2007 we have been helping various business in NZ to grow and prosper by minimising their use of paper documents or emails and introducing databases, portals, APIs and digital workflows.
If you feel that your business is not functioning as good as expected then...

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NZ owned and operated software development and IT support family business since 2007: We will automate your success!


We can help by organising your business data the most efficient way. It allows for good reporting, ad-hoc day-to-day performance analysis and automated exchange with any other parties.

Web Portals

Internal (staff use) and External (client/partners use) portals are important for a successful competition. Well-organised web forms significantly simplify every day processes like managing customers or placing orders.


Modern businesses cannot survive without smart and comprehensive reporting. It is important for all parties: management (business performance), staff (to-do and follow-up lists) and for clients (order or enquiry progress).

IT Support

It is hard to find a business not using computers, servers, printers and other networks devices. All of those things require special knowledge and constant maintenance so you dont find yourself in unpleasant situations.